Sunday, 24 June 2007


The next stage, after completing (and reflecting) on one or other types of skills audit is to become really positive and pro-active. So what if you have areas for improvement? We all do. So its imperative to identify targets and timescales to improve our performance in these areas. By doing this we will have set about building the portfolio of strengths so valued by employers.

Targets are useless if they are vague, unambitious, unrealistic, unaffordable or inappropriate. Remember they need to be SMART! They need to result in ACTION PLANS


martin king said...


Very "punchy", positive and linked to action.

"No use worrying about things you can't change"

martin king said...

Now look me in the eye when you say that....

there was a moment when the video stopped - you had your eyes shut and it seemed as if you nodded off for 30 seconds.

A good demo - the multimeda spices up the page no end.

I think I had better get an actor to read my lines

Jay said...